Need help getting unstuck professionally or personally and not sure where to start?

I offer coaching and consulting services that are designed just for you.

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Coaching and Consulting Services

I will assist you in the following ways:

Spiritual and Mindset Training

What limiting beliefs are preventing you from achieving your dreams? Are they impacting your personal relationships and loved ones?

I offer teachings, principles and spiritual framework for how you interact with yourself and the world around you.

Career Coaching

Are you ready to take the next step in your career?

I am here for you when it comes to your career, relationships, and everything else that makes up your life.

Life Coaching

Do you want to become a better version of you?

We work together to determine what’s holding YOU back from being your very best self—and help YOU overcome it!

Business and Sales Training

Being successful isn’t just about having a good idea or hard work—it’s about being able to execute on those ideas as well. That’s why I focus on developing practical solutions based on clients’ unique needs and perspectives.

Executive and Board Relations

Many executives are called upon to resolve conflict in their day-to-day work. I train executives to learn how to manage conflicts with more confidence, transparency, and trust.

Why Hire Me?

Let me know what’s going on in your world and what sort of support would be helpful to you right now.

Maybe it’s brainstorming—We can come up with ideas together!

Or perhaps it’s evaluating professionals and tools that might be useful for your business.

It could even be as plain as helping to keep you sane during a busy week.

Whatever it is, I’ll make sure it’s tailored specifically to the way YOU think—and NOT one-size-fits-all advice from someone who doesn’t really know what’s going on in your head or heart. Each client is unique—and that’s why

I approach each project, each person, with a spirit of curiosity and an eagerness to learn more. I want my clients to feel comfortable working with me so they can get what they need out of their sessions.


Timothy Frazier, MBA, MCPC

Master Certified Professional Coach

Timothy Frazier, MBA, MCPC Master Certified Professional Coach

Tim’s discernment and knowledge go beyond my expectation for a business coach. He is able to guide me personally, professionally, and spiritually which has allowed me to see tangible results rapidly and grow as a person. Tim’s adaptability and perceptiveness warps time, allowing us to get the work done efficiently and effectively.


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